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  • OLAP Reporting Directly from QuickBooks using ComponentOne OLAP for WinForms

    Rich Dudley from ComponentOne explores using the CData QuickBooks Data Provider and ComponentOne OLAP to build a powerful QuickBooks reporting application, all without writing a single line of code.

  • Databind Charts to Salesforce Data

    Use the standard ADO.NET procedures for databinding to provide bidirectional access to Salesforce data from controls in the Visual Studio toolbox. This article demonstrates a graphical approach using wizards in Visual Studio, as well as how to databind with only a few lines of code.

  • Accessing QuickBooks with Entity Framework 6

    CData ADO.NET Providers make it easy to access data from a variety of sources. In this article we show how to access data from QuickBooks using an Entity Framework code-first approach. Entity Framework 6 is available in .NET 4.5 and above.

  • Using the CData Data Providers with the DevExpress Data Grid

    The CData ADO.NET providers are standards-based libraries that can be used with various third-party components and tools. This article shows how to use the CData ADO.NET Provider for Salesforce with the DevExpress Chart Control.

  • Connect to Dynamics NAV with the CData OData Provider

    This article uses the CData ADO.NET OData provider to retrieve data from Dynamics NAV. The process described will also work for other CData OData providers (JDBC, ODBC, SSIS, etc.).

  • Generating an Entity Data Model in Visual Studio Express

    The Entity Data Model Wizard can be used to easily generate an Entity Data Model in Visual Studio. However this feature is not available in Visual Studio Express. In this article you will use the edmgen utility available with .NET Framework 4.0 to generate the Entity Data Model.

  • Transfer Company File Data using the CData Excel Add-In

    This article shows how to use the CData Excel Add-In for QuickBooks to transfer data from one company file to another. You will use the Excel Add-In to manage multiple connections and transfer customer records from one company file to another.

  • Analyze Salesforce Data with PowerPivot

    This article walks you through the process of using the CData ODBC Driver for Salesforce from PowerPivot. The technique described in this article can be used with any CData ODBC Driver.

  • Using IMAP with the Gmail Data Provider

    The CData Gmail Data Providers provide access to the full search capabilities of IMAP through a simple SQL interface. This article will demonstrate how to use the Gmail demo to query your Gmail account.

  • Sync Google Contacts with QuickBooks

    The CData ADO.NET Providers offer an easy way to integrate with different data sources. This article walks through the downloadable, fully functional application that can be used to synchronize contacts between Google and QuickBooks.

  • Accessing Website Data Using ADO.NET

    An article from iProgrammer explores accessing Web data through the CData Data Providers: Interacting with websites via the wide range of APIs that are on offer is attractive because it provides new possibilities but is slightly depressing because you have to find out how to do the job all over again for each API. Now there is a better way...

  • Query Google Calendars, Contacts, and Documents from PowerShell

    Are you looking for a quick and easy way to access Google Drive and other Google Apps from PowerShell? The CData Google Apps Data Provider provides an easy-to-use ADO.NET interface that you can take advantage of from your PowerShell scripts. The provider simplifies authentication and interaction with Google Apps. Simply use the included .NET objects in your PowerShell scripts to connect to your Google Apps accounts and synchronize, automate, download, and more!

  • Hooking into Google Apps With CData Google Data Provider

    Mike Gold reviews the CData Google Data Provider on C# Corner: This is a review of a component called the CData Google Data Provider which allows you to access the Google API through a SQL-like Data Provider interface. This provider opens up the entire Google Application Suite to the .NET developer through familiar ADO.NET tools and classes.

  • Working with QuickBooks using LINQPad

    The CData ADO.NET Providers can be used from many applications and development environments. This article shows how to use the CData ADO.NET Provider for QuickBooks to connect to QuickBooks in LINQPad. Although this example uses the QuickBooks Data Provider, the same process applies to any CData ADO.NET Providers.

  • LINQ to QuickBooks

    LINQ provides general-purpose query facilities in .NET Framework 3.0 and above and provides one easy way to programmatically access data through from CData Data Providers for ADO.NET. This example uses LINQ to access information from the QuickBooks Data Provider.

  • Demo: Migrate Data from Salesforce to SharePoint

    CData Data Providers offer a wide range of uses, including the ability to migrate data between sources quickly. Download this demo that helps you transfer data into SharePoint.

  • Build an MVC Application with Connectivity to QuickBooks

    CData ADO.NET Providers can be used from many tools and IDEs. In this article we show how to connect to QuickBooks from an MVC project using the CData ADO.NET Provider for QuickBooks. Although this article uses the QuickBooks Data Provider, the same process can be used with any of the CData ADO.NET Providers.

  • Create OData Services with the Salesforce Data Provider

    This article shows how to publish an OData feed of Saleforce data by creating a WCF Service Application. This article uses the ADO.NET Provider for Salesforce, but the same steps will work for any of the CData ADO.NET Providers.

  • Connect to Nonstandard OData Services

    Extend the included schemas to connect to nonstandard OData services.

  • Connect to QuickBooks Data from PowerBuilder

    This article demonstrates how to access QuickBooks data from PowerBuilder using the CData ADO.NET Provider for QuickBooks.