CData SSIS Task Library

Extend SQL Server with Networking, Secure Messaging, Compression, Encryption & Secure File Transfer capabilities.

Features Include:

  • Fully managed .NET tasks written in pure C#
  • Fully integrated with the Microsoft Business Intelligence Development Studio
  • START_TLS security protocol extension support
  • Strong 3DES encryption, message integrity checking, secure secret key exchange
  • Advanced SOCKS firewall and proxy support
  • 256-bit (strong) encryption


Secure File Transfer & Messaging

  • FTP SSIS Task – The FTP Task adds SSL-enabled FTP send and receive capabilities to your SSIS Package.
  • SCP SSIS Task – The SCP Task adds SSH-secured file transfer capabilities to your SSIS Package.
  • SExec SSIS Task – The SExec Task enables your SSIS Package to execute remote commands over SSH.
  • SFTP SSIS Task – The SFTP Task adds SSH-secured file transfer capabilities to your SSIS Package.

Message Encryption

  • AES SSIS Task – The AES Task can be used to encrypt and decrypt data for regular transport.
  • Bzip2 SSIS Task – The Bzip2 task implements a bzip compressor and decompressor. It is compliant with the bzip2 specification.
  • OpenPGP SSIS Task – The OpenPGP Task provides OpenPGP signing and encryption functionality.

File Compression

  • Gzip SSIS Task – The GZIP task implements a gzip compressor and decompressor, compliant to RFC 1952 and compatible with the UNIX gzip and gunzip utilities.
  • Tar SSIS Task – The Tar task implements a tar archive utility, compatible with the UNIX tar and untar utilities.
  • ZCompress SSIS Task – The ZCompress task implements an LZC compressor and decompressor, compatible with the UNIX compress utility.
  • Zip SSIS Task – The Zip task implements a PKZip-compatible Zip compressor and decompressor.