by Eric Madariaga | March 15, 2018

New: 100+ Anypoint Connectors for MuleSoft

We are excited to extend our integration platform support with the release of new Anypoint Connectors for Mulesoft. Building on the power and flexibility of our award-winning engine, the new Connectors offer a data-centric approach to source connectivity, dramatically simplifying the process of integrating with Enterprise data.

With our new MuleSoft Connectors, systems integrators can access data from Accounting, CRM, ERP, Collaboration, Marketing Automation, On-Premise, and Cloud Data Stores, through SQL - just like using the MuleSoft Database Connector. Features include:

Do More, With Less Workflow

Our MuleSoft Connectors are a giant leap forward in Mule-based integration. Standard SQL interfaces provide a familiar experience across all supported data sources, and shield systems integrators from the complexities of data access. A robust SQL engine simplifies data connectivity and allows users to accomplish complex data manipulation in a single operation that would otherwise require extensive supporting workflow.

All Connectors feature seamless integration with the MuleSoft Anypoint designer, dynamic input and operation through DataSense, support for complex projections, streaming, bulk operations, and more!

More information about each of the new Data Connectors for MuleSoft can be found on the individual product pages.

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