by Eric Madariaga | June 01, 2018

2018 Driver Update

Welcome to the 2018 Driver update! This exciting release includes across-the-board enhancements to our Driver engine, support for several new data sources, and significant upgrades to our API Server and Sync products.

ADO.NET Providers: .NET Standard, .NET Core, Mono, & Xamarin

With the latest 2018 release, all of our ADO.NET Data Providers have been updated with .NET Standard 2.0 assemblies supporting .NET Core, Mono, & Xamarin.

.NET Core is a free, open-source implementation of the managed .NET framework supported across Windows, macOS, and Linux. .NET Standard assemblies allow developers to build cross-platform mobile (Xamarin) and server (ASP.NET Core) applications using .NET.

With the addition of .NET Standard and .NET Core support, we are discontinuing our Xamarin Editions.
Instead, the new 2018 ADO.NET Data Providers will include Mobile development (Xamarin) support out of the box.

CData Sync 2018

Our replication engine has undergone a significant transformation with the 2018 update. The new CData Sync 2018 features a consolidated web-based configuration and scheduling interface that runs natively on any technology stack. In addition, new source and database destinations have been added to help users connect easily with cloud data lake and data warehousing platforms.

The data transformation capabilities of Sync 2018 have also been extended to simplify data movement and organization between SaaS services and configured databases. Users can now create transformation mappings between data source and destination that can simplify stored data structures and make the data more easily accessible to discovery and intelligence applications.

Finally, CData Sync now includes an all-new management API. The Sync API exposes programmatic control over the configuration and automation facilities of Sync to other applications and services.

See CData Sync 2018 in action (video):

SQL to NoSQL Mapping Enhancements

The CData Drivers for NoSQL and Big Data are second to none. Even still, we continue to extend our drivers with new capabilities for SQL to NoSQL data connectivity to facilitate integration with the greater ecosystem of BI and data-centric tooling. In addition to the techniques described in our SQL to NoSQL whitepaper, our drivers also now support 'relational modeling' of hierarchical data.
This article offers an overview of how our drivers will model JSON data with parent-child relationships into related tables quickly and consistently.

The initial 2018 release only supports this data access capability across a handful of data sources. We will continue to add relational modeling support to the rest of our NoSQL Drivers with minor version updates throughout the next quarter.

Additional Updates

In addition to the performance and data coverage enhancements, this update includes new features for:

  • CData API Server 2018 - Support for federated authentication capabilities. API authentication can now provide federated access to API services based on individual user identity.
  • 'Linked Server' Bulk Update Performance (ODBC) - The SQL Gateway facilities of our ODBC Drivers have been updated to improve support for bulk/batch operations when connecting from Linked servers.

New Releases & Beta Drivers

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