by CData Marketing | July 29, 2020

2020 Driver Update

At CData, we are constantly reinvesting in our core driver technologies to make sure that our high-performance drivers deliver solutions for even the most challenging data management problems. The latest 2020 release includes significant platform upgrades and across-the-board enhancements.

With this release, customers can now take advantage of enhanced logging, access, security, and reporting features. CData has added support for more than a dozen additional data sources - connect with 200+ enterprise data sources from BI, ETL, and custom applications.

The latest release includes major platform upgrades and broad-spectrum driver connectivity enhancements, including:

Cross-Technology Enhancements

User Defined Views

Create custom virtual tables, or views, using standard data models so you can normalize data you query from any supported source - including across multiple sources when you use our Query Federation Drivers. Implement data transformation on-demand, run analysis, and present standardized reports on your data - all without sifting through diverging data models used across data sources.


Our new ‘Log Modules' connection property enables filtering of specific modules; we've also updated our logging format to be more consistent and user-friendly.

Access & Authorization

OAuth enhancements allow programmatic interaction for persisting OAuth tokens/keys to your own custom storage. We have also normalized SSO properties as we work toward unifying connections across data sources.


New Provider Permissions Control allows users to explicitly enable/disable driver features, such as: all, ddl, insert, update, upsert, delete, execute, replicate, cache, sysconnectionprops, selectinto, loggingtofile, and others.


We've standardized how we report metadata across data sources for column size, precision, and scale.

ADO.NET Specific Updates

The ADO.NET Providers now provide support for Entity Framework (EF) Core 3.0. EF Core 3.0 was released in late September 2019 along with .NET Core 3.0 and ASP.NET Core 3.0. The focus of EF Core 3.0 was to tune it up to be a stable and reliable foundation for its future evolution. By supporting EF Core 3.0, CData is well positioned for universal ADO.NET connectivity and reliability into the future.

Source-Specific Highlights

In addition to the performance and data coverage enhancements, this update includes expanded capabilities across almost every available data source. A few noteworthy updates include:

  • Airtable - Enhanced with full read/write/update/delete support.
  • Couchbase - Now supports referencing properties in queries not discovered as metadata; key for NoSQL data, where columns may not be found in metadata discovery.
  • CSV - Updated to support aggregate queries across muliple files, as well as read access to compressed archives, such as ZIP, TAR, and GZ.
  • Excel - You may now download and work with Excel files from popular file storage sources, such as Box, DropBox, S3, and more.
  • Google BigQuery - New support for Arrow as a data format in the Storage API, a recommended format for time-series data and in cases where date/time data is queried.
  • HubSpot - Added new schema, "HubSpotV3," to support the new HubSpot CRM API v3, offering faster performance for batch operations & SELECTs using filtering / ordering.
  • Shopify - Now supports OAuth 2.0 and the GraphQL schema, which offers advantages over REST API, such as faster performance for nested collections like OrderTransactions.
  • and many more!

Latest Drivers & New Releases

In addition to the core updates, we are excited to release dozens of new SaaS, NoSQL, and Big Data drivers, including:

New Releases:

New Beta Drivers:

Get Started Today

The new 2020 Drivers are available for download. Current subscription customers can freely upgrade to the latest 2020 releases. Download a free 30-day trial of any of our drivers to see for yourself how easy it is to connect your BI, analytics, ETL, reporting, and custom applications to live data.