by CData | October 02, 2020

Excel-Add-Ins - 2020 Update

At CData, we are continually improving all our data connectivity products to deliver a simple, intuitive experience and the highest performance data connectivity, optimized down to the socket level. We've now brought all our 2020 technology upgrades to our convenient Excel Add-Ins and delivered enhanced performance with a new and improved user experience that will be familiar to Excel users.

New, Intuitive UI for Easier Data Access in Excel

We have made it easier to navigate the Excel Add-In with enhancements to help you filter through mass volumes of data and quickly find exactly what you're looking for.

  • Mass Table Filters - Table selection now has a filter to help you search large volumes of tables and pull in the tables and data you want
  • Simpler UI and Navigation - New, clear icons and a more condensed layout help you locate key functions
  • Revert Changes More Easily - New Revert Rows button allows you to undo changes on specific rows as you're editing data you bring into Excel from various data sources

Create Sheets from References

You can now easily create entire new Excel sheets based on references to table names defined in a specific cell.

For example, if you set cell A1 on Sheet1 to ‘Account,' you can use a dynamic table reference in a query to automatically get data from an underlying Account table.

The function would be: SELECT * FROM @@@Sheet1!A1

If you then update cell A1 on Sheet1 to ‘Contact,' and refresh the worksheet, you'll then get data from the Contact table instead.

This automatic sheet generation allows you to use a master sheet in Excel to create additional sheets you can easily work with, dramatically speeding up the process of organizing data in Excel, so you can more quickly run data analysis and uncover answers.

Bulk/Batch Operations Improvements

We are continually boosting performance with every update and have designed the CData Excel Add-In 2020 update to enable the fastest possible bulk/batch operations. All the Add-Ins now come with batch insert/update/delete functionality enabled by default to improve bulk write performance. You will see marked speed improvements compared with previous versions, making the CData Excel Add-Ins simply the highest performance Excel connectors across 200+ data sources available.

Other 2020 Updates

In addition to these updates, we have incorporated broader updates from all the CData 2020 Driver Updates:

  • User Defined Views - Create custom virtual tables, or views, using standard data models so you can normalize data you query from any supported source
  • Logging - Our new ‘Log Modules' connection property enables filtering of specific modules; we've also updated our logging format to be more consistent and user-friendly.
  • Access & Authorization - OAuth enhancements allow programmatic interaction for persisting OAuth tokens/keys to your own custom storage. We have also normalized SSO properties as we work toward unifying connections across data sources.
  • Security - New Provider Permissions Control allows users to explicitly enable/disable driver features.
  • Reporting - We've standardized how we report metadata across data sources for column size, precision, and scale.

See all of our 2020 updates.

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Like other updates, all current customers may download the 2020 update and use it for free. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact CData Support.

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