by Alex Pauncz | June 01, 2021

2021 Data Connectivity Update

We're pleased to bring you the latest CData 2021 driver refresh, complete with across-the-board driver enhancements and all-new data connectivity updates.

With the new 2021 release, customers can now take advantage of enhanced metadata caching, faster data access, and expanded breadth of connectivity across our entire lineup of more than 250 supported data sources.

Cross-Technology Enhancements

Improved Metadata Caching

All drivers now support the automatic local caching of metadata. By enabling this feature, the drivers no longer need to fetch metadata with multiple consecutive requests for data. You can enjoy even faster data connectivity to support your analytics, reporting, application development, data warehousing, and other data-driven initiatives.

Python Editions Released

CData Python Connectors are now available for immediate download and online purchase. Get programmatic access to data using our Database API (DB-API) Modules for SaaS, Big Data, and NoSQL data sources. Leverage CData Python Connectors through popular Python-based tools like SQL Alchemy, Pandas, Matlab, Dash, petl, and more.

ADO.NET Providers Updated with EF 5 Support

The ADO.NET Providers now support the latest version of the Entity Framework Core (5.0), in addition to previous versions. This update ensures forward compatibility and the highest level of performance.

In addition, with this release, all ADO.NET providers are now available for installation through Nuget.

Even Faster ODBC Performance

The industry's fastest drivers, are now even faster. With the latest 2021 release, our engineers have re-tuned the internals of our ODBC Drivers for Unix/Linux and Mac, and have achieved significantly enhanced performance across the board.

Simplified Tableau Integration

Through our ongoing partnership with Tableau, our engineers have had the opportunity to improve the native experienece for Tableau customers using our drivers on Linux and Mac. The latest releases of our Tableau Connectors automatically handle some of the previous complexity involved in connecting Tableau to data, improving the overall user experience.

Support for Powershell 7

The CData PowerShell Cmdlets now supports PowerShell 7.0 and deliver cross-platform support for use across Windows, Mac, and Linux.

BizTalk Server 2020 Supported

The latest version of CData BizTalk connectors now supports BizTalk Server 2020.


The V21 FireDac Components now support Delphi 10.4.1, the latest version available.

CData Sync 2021

We are excited to announce the latest release of CData Sync, Version 2021. This release builds on the enterprise-class data pipeline features of CData Sync and adds new capabilities to improve performance, scalability, and governance. It comes with tremendous enhancements across the board, including:

  • ELT SQL Transformations to leverage the raw processing power of data warehouses for efficient data transformation
  • SQL Server Change Tracking for incremental SQL Server data replication
  • Oracle Flashback Query for incremental Oracle data replication
  • Load Folder to automate bulk-loading of CSV/TSV and flat-file content
  • User Roles to easily assign user permissions that can access Sync
  • New Destinations
  • And continuous performance enhancements to deliver the richest data connectivity experience

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