by Alex Pauncz | June 28, 2021

CData Connect 2021 Released

CData is proud to announce the latest release of CData Connect 2021. Our comprehensive data connectivity platform now boasts powerful new features, including query federation, custom schemas, and derived views.

In the latest 2021 update, we have added powerful new features that expand the ways your data engineering and analytics teams connect with data across your organization. This release includes three new, highly anticipated capabilities:

  • Query Federation – Easily JOIN data across different, multiple, and distinct data sources in real-time. Combine data from cloud applications, RDBMS databases, data warehouses, NoSQL data stores, flat files, or other cloud applications.
  • Derived Views – Save complex SQL queries as ‘Derived Views' that can be queried on-demand. Combined with the new query federation feature, derived views help organizations simplify how dispersed data assets are used across analytics and data management.
  • Custom Schemas – Define custom data models for APIs that have multiple dimensions, such as reporting APIs like Google Analytics. Custom schemas enable customers to more easily access dynamic resources like custom reports.

Query Federation

Working with related data from separate sources, like a dedicated CRM service and a local database, is something that typically requires significant development time and effort. One solution to this problem is migrating your disparate data sources into a single location, such as a data warehouse, but this is not always feasible or ideal.

The new query federation feature enables users to create queries that join data from different sources in real-time. With query federation, users can federate & aggregate data across disparate data sources, whether those are SaaS applications, Big Data stores, NoSQL databases, flat files, or any other data source supported by the CData Connect platform.

To leverage this feature, data sources need to be configured within CData Connect as virtual databases. Once the data sources are configured, users can execute queries that combine data across data sources through standard SQL.

Derived Views

Derived views allow users to define “virtual tables" - or complex queries that can be executed on-demand. These views are similar to the user defined views that are typically stored in a relational database, except that derived views live on the CData Connect platform.

Derived views can be used to store, abstract, and hide complex queries, and provide several benefits, including:

  • Simplified Access - Views provide access to a specific subset of the data available and can feature built-in filtering, column selections, and more to create easier access to commonly used queries.

  • Improved Security - Views can select specific columns/rows and set the permissions on the view instead of the underlying table, giving data administrators more granular control over which data points are accessible by each user.

  • Complex, Real-Time Data - Views can roll up operations (summations, aggregations, etc.), JOINs, and more - all while providing real-time access to data by performing live queries against the underlying table(s) each time the view itself is queried.

Learn more about working with Query Federation and Derived Views

Custom Schemas

Need to build custom dashboards, tables, and reports from applications with robust, multi-dimensional APIs? Now, with our custom schemas, you can quickly create your own schema to organize data in whichever table or method you need. Simply define inputs to create a custom view of your data, which you can save as preconfigured custom schemas. These serve as data model templates for easy reusability.

Example: Custom Data from QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online provides in-depth insights into accounting data and presents that data in reporting APIs that require inputs in order to retrieve data. With custom schemas, you can quickly build a pre-configured template that allows you to access data from custom endpoints and match it to the model QuickBooks uses to display that data.

Learn more about using Custom Schema

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