by Eric Madariaga | June 29, 2017

Powering Enterprise Data Connectivity for Embarcadero RAD Studio

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Move, integrate, and analyze data with ease using the new FireDAC Enterprise Connectors. The result of a year-long collaboration effort with Embarcadero, the Enterprise Connectors leverage RAD Studio FireDAC technology to reduce the complexity of connecting to multiple data sources, and make CData's adapters easily accessible to Delphi and C++ developers.

Our engineering teams have built an exceptional framework of FireDAC components designed to meet and exceed the demands of the RAD Studio Community. With these new components, developers can easily connect Delphi and C++ Builder Apps to live data from more than 80 SaaS, NoSQL, & Big Data sources using familiar SQL-92 queries.

"CData has a proven track record in quality components that are used by leading application platforms. With Enterprise Connectors, developers can deliver connected solutions with a wider range of enterprise applications faster and more easily than ever before."

--Atanas Popov, General Manager of Embarcadero

Getting Started

The Enterprise Connectors are currently available in public beta, with an open beta group available on the Embarcadero site. Developers can get started with the new FireDAC components by installing the components directly from within RAD Studio IDE using the GetIt package manager. More information about the individual FireDAC Components is available on the CData FireDAC Technology pages.