by Deb Cobb | February 13, 2023

Accelerating Digital Transformation with Kubernetes and CData Sync

Digital transformation is a major driving force in business evolution. Enterprises are working to break down data silos across their business by piping data to the cloud for analytics-driven insights that power more accurate and nimble decisions. Successful modern businesses leverage this data to fuel exceptional customer experiences that help retain customers and foster customer loyalty.

A major threat to successful digital transformation is the anchor of traditional monolithic IT infrastructures. Legacy software deployment models can't keep pace with modern needs to customize applications, enable instantaneous scalability, and adapt quickly as they require significant IT resources to modify and maintain. As a result, organizations stuck with these deployments become reluctant to introduce additional risk from application customization, reducing their ability to support business objectives.

As a result, businesses are modernizing around more agile DevOps practices and focusing on faster delivery through closer cooperation between developers and operation teams. These practices rely heavily on virtualization and containerization technologies like Kubernetes to deliver applications more quickly.

Kubernetes provides world-class containerization orchestration, and we're pleased to announce that you can now deploy CData Sync more easily in Kubernetes environments. This makes it easier than ever for customers and SI partners to deploy CData as part of their data and application infrastructure.

Why Kubernetes is Important to Digital Transformation

Kubernetes is a modern, open-source system for automating the deployment and management of containerized applications. The tool provides an agnostic way to reliably deploy code to the cloud or on-premises via a vehicle known as a container. That means everything you deploy is repeatable, scalable, monitored, and backed up.

Containers package applications so they are decoupled from the operating constraints of the environment in which they run. Containerization provides the speed and scale to meet on-demand business needs because teams can create and deploy software efficiently at scale across environments. Kubernetes allows businesses to deploy their containers and power their workloads anywhere in the cloud or on-premises, roll out changes, and scale easily to meet changing requirements.

Now, CData users can deploy Sync into this ecosystem and benefit from Kubernetes’ robust capabilities.

Watch CData Sync and Kubernetes in action:

How to Deploy CData Sync to Kubernetes

Growth in Adoption of Kubernetes

In the digital transformation landscape, there are leaders and laggards. Leaders already benefit from the many advantages afforded by scaling their applications to the cloud and on-premises using Kubernetes. Laggards struggle with the impact of digital disruption across their competitive landscape. These companies must work harder to alleviate the pain imposed by scrappy competitors.

This situation is especially apparent in the financial services sector, where many brick-and-mortars that focus on banking and insurance were slow to implement digital transformation strategies. With the advent of FinTech companies that deliver top-notch digital customer experiences, brick-and-mortar banks are fielding complaints from customers wanting to access complete information about their transaction status and account information faster.

To meet the needs of these on-demand customers and attract and retain new ones, financial services organizations are becoming more agile and innovative as they work to deliver better products, services, and customer experiences. Banks are using technologies like Kubernetes in their digital transformation initiatives to harness the cloud faster to unleash the power of their data, gain business agility, and ignite innovation.

CData Sync Supports Kubernetes for Digital Transformation

Large enterprises across industries like financial services, healthcare, technology, and retail are using Kubernetes to underpin their digital transformation journeys.

Now, CData Sync is available in Kubernetes environments. By deploying CData Sync in Kubernetes environments, CData users are taking advantage of the high availability (no downtime), scalability of loads, and backup-and-restore capabilities that Kubernetes provides.

Read how you can deploy CData Sync in Kubernetes. Ready to get started with CData Sync? Get your free trial today!