Secure Cloud Data Integration for SaaS Applications

Cloud-To-Cloud BI, Reporting, & Data Integration through SQL

BI, Analytics, & Reporting
Custom Applications
(On-Premise or Cloud)
MySQL/SQL Wire Interface

Instant SQL Access to Cloud Data

The CData Cloud Hub provides live data connectivity to more than 200+ Enterprise Data Sources through standard data interfaces. Watch the video overview to see how it works:


Powerful Integration Features

SaaS/Cloud data access through SQL. Cloud to cloud integration. No software to install.

SQL - The Original Data API

SQL is the 'lingua franca' of data access. With the Cloud Data Hub there is no need to learn a new set of APIs, or write custom integration code. In fact, there is no need to write integration code at all - if your application knows how to connect to a MySQL or SQL Database, it can integrate with any supported data source.

Any Data Source to Any BI, ETL, or Custom App

Connect to data from any data source, from BI, ETL, or Analytics Apps. Over 100+ supported Enterprise Data Sources and growing every day.

Robust SQL Connectivity

Extensive SQL-92 Engine seamlessly supporting bulk operations, push-down, dynamic schema and metadata discovery, and unmatched performance. Queries are optimized for performance, ensuring the fastest response times.

Comprehensive Data Model & Dynamic Discovery

Leveraging the same powerful engine included with the CData Drivers, the Cloud Data Hub doesn't just give you access to an abstracted partial view of your data. Instead, you get comprehensive access to all of the data exposed from the underlying data source, including full access to dynamic data any types.

Programmable Configuration

The only cloud data solutions that can be completely configured from the command line - no UI required. Standard database DDL statements can be used to create and configure new data source connections (e.g., CREATE DATABASE). Any application that can work with a MySQL database can connect to any supported data source through the Cloud Data Hub.

Hybrid Deployment

Data as a Service (DaaS), Dedicated/managed Deployment, or On-Premise. Our Hybrid delivery model allows you to leverage our cloud service or host your own Cloud Data Hub for private data access.

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