Embedded Data Virtualization

Efficient, Unified SQL Access to All of Your Data

Query and aggregate data across data sources.


A Single Entry Point for Universal Data Connectivity

The Query Federation Drivers provide a universal data access layer that simplifies application development and data access. The drivers make it easy to query data across systems with SQL through a common driver interface.

Single SQL Dialect and API

A common SQL interface for working with multiple SaaS, NoSQL, relational, and Big Data sources.

Combine Data Across Sources

Write queries that combine data from multiple sources, without the need for ETL or other data movement.

Intelligent Push-Down

Federated queries leverage intelligent push-down to increase performance and throughput.

250+ Supported Connectors

Plug-and-play CData Drivers enable connectivity to more than 250 enterprise data sources.

Query Federation in Action

Watch the Query Federation Driver overview video for a first-hand look at how you can simplify and consolidate data connectivity:


Embedded Data Virtualization

Building Blocks for Logical Data Warehousing

The Query Federation Drivers enable users to embed Logical Data Warehousing capabilities into any application or process. A Logical Data Warehouse is an architectural layer that enables access to multiple data sources on-demand, without relocating or transforming data in advance. Essentially the Query Federation Drivers give users simple, SQL-based access to all of your databases, data warehouses, and cloud applications through a single interface.

Benefits of Embedded Data Virtualization

  • Simplified Application Development - Developers can pick multiple data processing systems and access all of them with a single SQL-based interface.
  • Query Across Multiple Systems - In many ad-hoc scenarios, it is impractical to build pipelines to consolidate data. With query federation, you can write queries that combine data from different sources directly, on-demand.
  • Up to 85% Faster - Faster and easier data connectivity vs. traditional data warehousing and ETL.

How it Works

Straightforward Integration With Any Custom Application

Download CData Query Federation Drivers

Download the Query Federation Drivers now to enable simple SQL access to all your data. Are you interested in embedding data virtualization capabilities into your applications? Contact us below, and let's talk.

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