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SQL Server
January 31, 2024

ETL Tools for SQL Server: Which Ones Are the Most Popular Nowadays?

by Bill Balint

Migrate & transform your data seamlessly by discovering the most widely used ETL tools for SQL Server and boost your data integration & analysis efforts.

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Reverse ETL
January 30, 2024

Reverse ETL: Accessing Data from Your Data Warehouse in Salesforce

by Jerod Johnson

Whether an organization needs to replicate warehouse data directly to Salesforce or needs live access to their data in Salesforce without replication, CData is here to help. Use CData Sync for reverse ETL or use CData Connect Cloud to solve the reverse ETL problem without replicating the data.

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Data JOINS blog image
November 15, 2023

Using Transformations to JOIN Data After Replications (in SQL Server)

by Dibyendu Datta

See how to use CData Sync to replicate multiple tables from a data source into SQL Server, then transform those datasets with the JOIN clause – a technique extensively employed across various industries to analyze data.

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data virtualization
August 01, 2023

Data Integration vs. Data Virtualization: What’s Best?

by Danielle Bingham

As organizations grapple with ever-expanding amounts of data, they need to find ways to manage, integrate, and analyze information stored in one or more cloud services or on-premises—sometimes both—to make sense of it. There are two main approaches to meeting this challenge: data integration and data virtualization —but which one is best?

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April 03, 2023

SingleStore and CData are Helping Clients Find New Insights into Company Data

by CData Software

Technology partnerships like SingleStore and CData allow our shared customers to get the most out of their data and to concentrate on how to best apply new insights and stay ahead in this rapidly evolving business landscape.

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Finance Accounting Data Analysis
December 06, 2022

How Data Drives Finance and Accounting Collaboration

by CData Software

Stop using stale data to make budget decisions. With modern real-time data connectivity tools, your finance and accounting teams can work together to shift from a reactive to a proactive financial strategy.

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Introducing New dbt Core Integration and Real-Time CDC Sources for CData Sync
July 25, 2022

Introducing New dbt Core Integration and Real-Time CDC Sources for CData Sync

by Vincent Lam

We’re excited to announce new capabilities for CData Sync that add support for more real-time sources, a history audit function, and enhanced transformations using dbt Core.

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June 08, 2021

World of Data Series Part 3: Analyzing and Actioning Data

by Haley Burton

Access to accurate data is only one part of the equation to making that data actionable. Only when analytics is at the forefront of your strategy will you be able to drive business outcomes using your data The ability to make sense of the data you have on hand and turn it into actionable ...

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May 19, 2021

World of Data Series Part 2: 4 Steps to Better Manage Your Business Data

by Haley Burton

Ensuring a balanced flow of data between business applications, sources, and warehouses is critical to delivering value from data resources . Gathering, managing, integrating, and analyzing your unique business data needs to become a core competency for your organization. It's important t...

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